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fastlane plugin for creating AWS SNS platform applications for iOS and Android apps by @joshdholtz

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conflicting dependency with fastlane 2.149.1

CourtneyWill opened this issue Β· comments

Unable to install plugin because of 'aws-sdk-core' dependency conflict.

bundle exec fastlane add_plugin aws_sns
[βœ”] πŸš€

[15:22:35]: Plugin 'fastlane-plugin-aws_sns' was added to './Pluginfile'
[15:22:35]: Make sure to commit your Gemfile, Gemfile.lock and Pluginfile to version control
Installing plugin dependencies...
Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "aws-sdk-core":
  In Gemfile:
    fastlane-plugin-aws_sns was resolved to 0.1.1, which depends on
      aws-sdk (~> 2.0.0) was resolved to 2.0.1.pre, which depends on
        aws-sdk-resources (= 2.0.1.pre) was resolved to 2.0.1.pre, which depends on
          aws-sdk-core (= 2.0.1)

    fastlane was resolved to 2.149.1, which depends on
      aws-sdk-s3 (~> 1.0) was resolved to 1.68.1, which depends on
        aws-sdk-core (~> 3, >= 3.99.0) 

Can you consider updating the version of 'aws-sdk-core'?