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Adjust the size of image used for splash screen

Mihai-github opened this issue · comments


Is there a way to adjust the size of the splash image, because the library does not resize it and I'm curious if there is a way to achieve this kind of result.

Here is the code I am running using Fastlane and the image is too big...

appicon_image_file: 'src/assets/images/logos/development.png',
appicon_icon_types: [:splash_port, :splash_land],
appicon_path: 'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap',
appicon_filename: 'splash_icon'

Maybe some figured out how to solve this issue.


For Android I've found this option:
-> appicon_image_file
-> appicon_icon_types
-> appicon_path
-> appicon_filename
-> appicon_custom_sizes
-> generate_rounded

appicon_custom_sizes must be a Hash, but I don't know what kind or type must be...


Hey, I'm back... with the solution for anyone else who's gonna run into this problem and my approach will solve the problem.

Here's how I've solved this problem that is specific for android:

appicon_custom_sizes: {
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-port-ldpi/splash_icon.png' => '200x320',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-port-mdpi/splash_icon.png' => '320x480',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-port-hdpi/splash_icon.png' => '480x800',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-port-xhdpi/splash_icon.png' => '720x1280',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-port-xxhdpi/splash_icon.png' => '960x1600',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-port-xxxhdpi/splash_icon.png' => '1280x1920',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-land-ldpi/splash_icon.png' => '320x200',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-land-mdpi/splash_icon.png' => '480x320',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-land-hdpi/splash_icon.png' => '800x480',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-land-xhdpi/splash_icon.png' => '1280x720',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-land-xxhdpi/splash_icon.png' => '1600x960',
'android/app/src/development/res/mipmap-land-xxxhdpi/splash_icon.png' => '1920x1280',

If something is not clear just leave a comment and I will respond back. :D

Hello @Mihai-github !

Can you explain the lane where you used this code?


Hi @DwCleb,

in an android lane for generating the splash icon dynamically. The docs from what I saw at that time do not tell anything about this but from many trials and errors, in the logs, I saw this and came up with this solution to generate dynamic sizes for the splash icon. 

@Mihai-github Thanks!

But the image still stretch or cut :/

Use an image 1024x1024. Also, keep in mind that the options that I gave you will work in most cases but sometimes for different phones resolutions you should make manually the changes.

You can check if the image fits ok for android in Android Studio and for Ios in Xcode.