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Generate Rounded Error

GantMan opened this issue · comments

I'm trying to use the new generate_rounded: true

But I get this error:

`gm mogrify -alpha transparent -background none -fill white -draw roundrectangle 1,1,190,190,95,95 /var/folders/jt/w7z_82ns5n7fj1_2xjgl6r180000gn/T/mini_magick20200712-72378-8r1mmy.png` failed with error: (MiniMagick::Error)
gm mogrify: Unrecognized option (-alpha).

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 11 00 42 PM

I found this issue online which suggested the issue you (and myself) are seeing is only on older versions of ImageMagic. I re-ran brew install imagemagick (since I hadn't updated it in over a year) and it seemed to fix this issue.

Ah yup! Thanks!

Doing a fresh brew install fixed this for me - closing.