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Generate required icon sizes and iconset from a master application icon.

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Doesn't add 1024 x 1024 icon

SteveLobdell opened this issue · comments


Am I doing something wrong? The png I'm using to generate all the app icons is 1024x1024, yet the appicons plugin doesn't set this as the app icon for 1024x1024 in the asset catalog.

We are having the same issue

Can confirm this issue in fastlane-plugin-appicon version v0.4.1. I tried to add ":ios_marketing" to appicon but the error still occured.

appicon( appicon_image_file: "path/to/app_icon.png", appicon_devices: [:iphone, :ios_marketing], appicon_path: "path/to/Assets.xcassets" )

It works when I add the app icon manually and build the app without the command above, so it must be related to this.

Any update on the fix of this issue? I am facing the same issue

Issue waswith my fastfile - I was missing :ios_marketing from appicon_devices:. After adding it, it works fine. Thank You!