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The collaboration and plugin inclusion guidelines for the fastlane Community organization

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thii opened this issue · comments

I no longer use this and it looks like it still has fastlane users.

Huh, why did you close these issues? Not interested any more?

I thought there were no interests in taking over them, since the issues didn’t get any reply for more than a week. I can reopen them if you want.

You should definitely keep them open until you get an answer - either no or yes. A week is really nothing in OSS land - as you probably know yourself ;)

@thii We can reopen these! I was actually going to get to these this afternoon 😇

Thanks @janpio and @joshdholtz. Let me know if you want to take these repos.

@thii We would love to take these repos! I'm going to add you to this org so that you can transfer. And if you could add to Rubygems that would be 💯