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A simple template to get you started with docker and go

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Go Gin Quickstart with IBM Cloud (Unofficial)

- This example assumes the following:
    - You have Go installed: 'brew install go'
    - You have Docker installed: https://docs.docker.com/get-docker/
    - You have IBMCloud CLI installed: https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/cli?topic=cli-getting-started
    - You have gitui installed: 'brew install gitui'

Important Commands

- Run Locally without Docker: 
    - go run main.go
- Docker Multistage Build: 
    - docker build --tag <my_repository> .
    - docker run -p 80:80 -it <my_repository> 
- Push to registry:
    - Log into ibmcloud container registry: 
        - ibmcloud cr login
    - Tag image:
        - docker tag <my_repository> icr.io/<my_namespace>/<my_repository>:<my_tag>
    - Push to Registry:
        - docker push icr.io/<my_namespace>/<my_repository>:<my_tag>
    - Verify Images were pushed to Registry:
        - ibmcloud cr image-list


- https://docs.docker.com/language/golang/build-images/#multi-stage-builds
- https://golang.org/doc/tutorial/web-service-gin
- https://docs.docker.com/get-docker/
- https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/cli?topic=cli-getting-started
- https://github.com/IBM-Cloud/get-started-go


A simple template to get you started with docker and go

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