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[Bug] Requesting api=null is a) not going to return anything from the database and b) impossible

cab9340 opened this issue · comments

It is my impression that requesting auth=null is intended to return all entries that have no authentication.
Instead it returns no entries, since "null" does not substring-match to "".
Thirdly, you cannot transmit the actual null object because we're restricted to strings because we're using GET requests.
Fourthly, if you do in fact transmit empty-string, you get all entries in the database since the empty string is a substring of all strings. I personally can solve this with a postprocess run, but think that's definitely something that needs fixing.
I presume a similar thing would happen for the HTTPS field, but in that case you can just leave it off the query.

Thanks for reporting this issue @cab9340 ! Fixed in f2d959f.

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