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lisp like php - classes for writing code in a lisp like syntax inside php

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lisp like php (llp)

What is llp

`llp` stands for lisp like php. It’s a collection of small classes that allows one to write “lisp like” syntax in php. `lisp like` means that the final code looks like lisp but with “a lot of” restrictions. :)


This version is currently in it’s very early alpha stage and may never be finished!!!


  1. You can’t write functions with just plain parentheses. In lisp `(+ 1 2)` would add the numbers 1 and 2. Because this is not valid in php the `l` function was introduced.

    So in llp you need to write:

    `l('+', 1, 2);`       
  2. As you see in the first example you must quote the operator, `+` in this case. Php does not allow you to you just pass `+` operator.
  3. Currently you can not define custom functions in llp.


simple stuff

  1. sum of numbers
    l("+", 1, 2, 3); // => 6       
  2. more math
    l('+', l('/', 4, 2), 2, 1); // => 5       
  3. define a variable
    l('def', 'x', 3);       
  4. write multiple statements
      l('def', 'x', 3), // define x as 3
      l('def', 'x', l('+', 'x', 2)),// overwrite x with sum of x + 2 
      l('def', 'x', l('*', 2, 'x')),// overwrite x with x^2
      l('-', 'x'); //and finally return -x, which will be -10
  5. write to output
    l('print', "Hello World!")       

“complex” example

What do you think the following code will output ?

		 l(">", 10, 5)
	     l('+', 2, 3),
	     l('-', l('*', 10, 10))
   l('print', 'result')

Correct, the result will be -100.


At least php 5.4


Q: Why something like this ? A: I created this for fun and educational purposes.

Q: This looks ugly and unusable. A: You are correct, this looks ugly, but is can be actual used.


lisp like php - classes for writing code in a lisp like syntax inside php

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:PHP 100.0%