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Code documentation written as code! How novel and totally my idea!

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Whirlwind tours of (several, hopefully many someday) popular and ought-to-be-more-popular programming languages, presented as valid, commented code and explained as they go.

We need YOU!...

... to write more inline code tutorials. Just grab an existing file from this repo and copy the formatting (don't worry, it's all very simple). Make a new file, send a pull request, and if it passes muster I'll get it up pronto. Remember to fill in the "contributors" fields so you get credited properly!


All contributions are welcome, from the tiniest typo to a brand new article. Translations in all languages are welcome (or, for that matter, original articles in any language). Send a pull request or open an issue any time of day or night.

Please prepend the tag [language/lang-code] to your issues and pull requests. For example, [python/en] for English Python. This will help everyone pick out things they care about.

We're happy for any contribution in any form, but if you're making more than one major change (i.e. translations for two different languages) it would be super cool of you to make a separate pull request for each one so that someone can review them more effectively and/or individually.

For a detailed style guide, please review the full CONTRIBUTING guidelines.


Contributors retain copyright to their work, and can request removal at any time. By uploading a doc here, you agree to publish your work under the default Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licensing included on each doc page.

Anything not covered by the above -- basically, this README -- you can use as you wish, I guess.


Code documentation written as code! How novel and totally my idea!


Language:Java 7.9%Language:JavaScript 7.6%Language:C++ 5.8%Language:Ruby 5.7%Language:C# 4.9%Language:Go 4.5%Language:Shell 3.7%Language:Perl 6 3.5%Language:Clojure 3.4%Language:CSS 3.4%Language:Julia 3.3%Language:Common Lisp 3.2%Language:Objective-C 3.1%Language:Haskell 3.1%Language:C 2.7%Language:Elixir 2.6%Language:Kotlin 2.2%Language:HTML 2.0%Language:Lua 2.0%Language:F# 1.9%Language:Erlang 1.8%Language:MATLAB 1.8%Language:TeX 1.6%Language:Emacs Lisp 1.4%Language:Perl 1.4%Language:Brainfuck 1.3%Language:D 1.2%Language:Haxe 1.2%Language:Logtalk 1.1%Language:Groovy 1.0%Language:Dart 1.0%Language:LiveScript 0.9%Language:Makefile 0.9%Language:CoffeeScript 0.9%Language:Elm 0.8%Language:Chapel 0.8%Language:Hack 0.8%Language:Fortran 0.6%Language:Nix 0.6%Language:Forth 0.6%Language:ColdFusion 0.4%Language:Hy 0.4%Language:Factor 0.3%Language:OCaml 0.2%Language:CMake 0.2%Language:Inform 7 0.2%