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.dotfiles management system.

Keep track of all your configuration files on your system 🗂️


This system will help you spread the files under the dots directory across your system via symbolic links.

Table of Contents 🧱

  1. Usage
  2. Commands
    1. make-link
    2. make-clean
    3. make-update
    4. make-install
    5. make-log
    6. make-log-raw
    7. make-test
    8. make-test-fix

Usage 🔧

  1. Clone this repo so you can make it yours

  2. Put all your files in the "dots" directory (picture this folder as your home directory on your system)

  3. And after you've done the previous steps you're done mate

The initial command for spreading for your files would be this one:

make link

Below are the commands for you to use (there are others but are for utilities)

Commands 🖥️

Basic usage of the commands

make [command] [OPTION=*]

make link

This command as explained earlier this command will spread the files over your system.

This link also will take care of another directory of this repo named secrets, this directory will work exactly the same way as the dots directory but with one difference, it WILL NOT be tracked on this repository. This is for 'secret' files like some gpg, ssh, etc...

Here is how the mapping between the files in the dots and secrets directory will look like:

dots/foo                -> ~/foo
dots/.config/nvim/init  -> ~/.config/nvim/init

secrets/.password       -> ~/.password
secrets/.ssh/id_rsa     -> secrets/.ssh/id_rsa

make clean

Cleans (deletes) all your files across the system. This will come handy if you want to move the location of your symfiles repo to other location.

make update

This is a combination of the commands clean + link. An example for this command would be that you removed a file from the repo and the link is still on your system, with this you eliminate all of the links and only add the ones still in the repo.

make install [CSV=*]

Notice that this will only work on these systems below:

  • Arch Linux
  • Macos

This will look for two needed files that comes with this repo as default *.csv files for you to use which are


and install any dependency you specify on them.

In the CSV=* variable you can specify any *.csv file(s) you want to use other than the two common ones that are on the initial setup.


make install CSV="foo.csv bar.csv"

The above will install all the dependencies listed in the foo.csv and bar.csv files.

These below are the meaning for each option you can use on the *.csv files

Option Name Description
main Empty means to use your default package manager
a aur Find packages on your secondary package manager
f function This will look for a custom script under the config/functions/<name>.sh
g go Installs packages with go
gem gem Installs packages with ruby
m make This is very specific for installing the aur
node node Installs packages with nodejs
pip pip Installs packages with your version of python

Note: Remember to activate the package manager you want to use for installing any dependency before installing any package.

make log

This will list all the installed packages and their status code. If some of them cannot be installed correctly they will have an 1 as status code and 0 if they are correctly installed.


- node - :: peerflix :: 0

make log-raw

This print all the raw stdout for every installed package.


:: peerflix - node - ::
yarn global v1.21.1
[1/4] Resolving packages...
[2/4] Fetching packages...
info fsevents@1.2.11: The platform "linux" is incompatible with this module.
info "fsevents@1.2.11" is an optional dependency and failed compatibility check.
Excluding it from installation.
[3/4] Linking dependencies...
[4/4] Building fresh packages...
success Installed "peerflix@0.39.0" with binaries:
      - peerflix
Done in 2.20s.

make test

Required: shellcheck (it is on by default on the config/apps-common.csv file)

This will test all your *.sh files in the repo and also any file on these two directories


make test-fix

This will open any file containing an error or a warning for you to edit inside the glorious, marvelous, powerful, shiny, immune editor in the whole world ... neovim. ❤️


Completed Task
Make this system use *.yaml for configurations
Enable a custom editor for the make-test-fix command

Leave any feedback here 👾


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