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Open source project inspired in http://indianswhodesign.in, made to expose all the developers from the Dominican Republic with their skills and contacts.

The idea is to have this directoy where you could find the Dominicans devs info, this project is basically for me and @ManuHernandez (and everybody who want to collaborate) to learn/use some of the main JS front-end frameworks (Angular, Vue and React), play with some WebAssembly technologies like Blazor and also implement a Microservices Architecture.

See the Roadmap for more technical details.

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πŸš€ Amazon S3 Bucket: http://www.dominicanwho.codes.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/

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πŸ’» Repo: https://github.com/VueDominicana/DominicanWhoCodes


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