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Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition

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The Battlescribe data editor can cause problems when merging updates. Because of this, and also to avoid duplicated effort where multiple people are working on the same files, please join us on Gitter before you commit changes to the files.

Previous editions: However we don't support older editions actively, the files are available from 7th Edition repo - also there you can find archived files for 7th and 6th edition for BattleScribe v1.15.



  • What's this?

    BSData organisation created this project. It's a GitHub repository of datafiles. Maintained by the community, in no way endorsed by BattleScribe. If you want to develop - cool! We need you! Take a look at Getting Started wiki

  • Okay, nice project. Is it actually working? I just want those files...

    Yeah! We have it hosted on AppSpot. Take a look: BattleScribe Data on Appspot

Reporting bugs & contact us

  • I found a bug!

    Great, thank you! Now you have two options:

    1. Report it on Appspot - it's anonymous and no account is needed - one downside, you will need to manually check the progress of your issue.
    2. Open Issue directly (green New Issue in upper-right) - you need a GitHub account and then can track progress (get notifications on it!), comment (i.e. answer our questions) and help us better!
  • I'd just like to contact you.

    Then join us on Gitter!
    Join the chat at

    Otherwise, the easiest way is through issues mentioned above. We are a community and that's the only place we all have access to. We don't have any group e-mail. So if you want to stay anonymous, contact us by reporting bug on Appspot (point 1 above).



Warhammer 40,000


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