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VSCode Theme based on Atom's One Light theme

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Atom One Light Theme

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VSCode Theme based on Atom's One Light theme. Best rated One Light theme port in the marketplace, features full Workbench theming.


Request and perform code reviews from inside your IDE. Review any code, even if it's a work-in-progress that hasn't been committed yet, and use jump-to-definition, your favorite keybindings, and other IDE tools.
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This extension is available for free in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace

Looking for the One Dark theme?

If you are interested you can also have the One Dark theme available here.

What's new?

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If you find any inconsistency in any language, raise an Issue and I'll fix it, please provide a sample for the language so I can compare.

Attention: If you are using VSCode 1.43.0, you must be seeing very different colors, as reported here. An update to VSCode will be released fixing this issue for all themes, in the meantime, make sure you set this in your settings:

"editor.semanticHighlighting.enabled": false


If you are using VSCode 1.12+ versions you can customize the colors to your liking, overriding the ones provided by this theme. More info here.

Custom Font

The original One Light theme does not use a custom font, for that reason I don't supply a custom font either, but you might be used to see screenshots of the One Light theme using the Fira Mono font. You can easily customize your settings to use it.
If you download and install the font in your system, you can add this option to have a custom font:

    "editor.fontFamily": "YOUR FONT, Menlo, Monaco, 'Courier New', monospace"




VSCode Theme based on Atom's One Light theme

License:MIT License