alexrzem / sailpoint-extended

Contains features for extending IdentityIQ 8.0

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SailPoint extended


Contains features for extending IdentityIQ 8.0


  1. sailpoint-build - module without code. Uses for managing building process of IdentityIQ via SSD.

  2. sailpoint-extended - main module for extending. Contains spring configurations.

  3. sailpoint-extended-common - common module for all features. Contains common stuff like: mappers, spring context provider, etc.

  4. sailpoint-extended-model - contains custom model entities and repositories.

  5. sailpoint-extended-rest - contains custom rest controller, mapper and entity for it.

  6. sailpoint-vaadin-plugin - module for building plugin for IdentityIQ with Vaadin UI.

  7. sailpoint-vaadin-ui - all Vaadin UI components.


Main properties:

  1. - sailpoint build environment value.

  2. - absolute path to SSD.


Before building project install:

  1. nodejs 10+

  2. npm

This is very important for using Vaadin UI.


mvn clean install -Dsailpoint

Where "-Dsailpoint" enable building identityiq.war


Contains features for extending IdentityIQ 8.0


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