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Renders a trace of a go test report

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convert go test report JSON into chrome tracing JSON

go test -json | go-test-trace

Example from

test trace

Example: test report.json

Trace Format

The Trace Event Format is the trace data representation that is processed by the Trace Viewer application.

The JSON Object Format allows for more flexibility in the data passed to Trace Viewer.

  "traceEvents": [
    {"name": "Asub", "cat": "PERF", "ph": "B", "pid": 22630, "tid": 22630, "ts": 829},
    {"name": "Asub", "cat": "PERF", "ph": "E", "pid": 22630, "tid": 22630, "ts": 833}
  "displayTimeUnit": "ns",

Example: test trace.json

Trace Viewer

Trace-Viewer is the javascript frontend for Chrome about:tracing and Android systrace. (mirrored at

It provides rich analysis and visualization capabilities for many types of trace files.

$CATAPULT/tracing/bin/trace2html my_trace.json --output=my_trace.html

Example: test trace.html

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Renders a trace of a go test report

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