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:cake: Desktop utility to download images/videos/music/text from various websites, and more.

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  • 🍰 Simple and clear user interface
  • 🚀 Download acceleration
  • 💻 Supports 32 threads in a single task
  • 🚥 Supports speed limit
  • 📜 Supports user scripts
  • 🧲 Supports BitTorrent & Magnet
  • 🎞️ Supports M3U8 & MPD format videos
  • 🌙 Dark mode
  • 🧳 Portable
  • 📋 Clipboard monitor
  • 🗃️ Easy to organize tasks

Supported Sites

Site URL
AfreecaTV https://afreecatv.com
ArtStation https://artstation.com
AsianSister https://asiansister.com
AsmHentai https://asmhentai.com
Avgle https://avgle.com
baraag.net https://baraag.net
半次元 https://bcy.net
BDSMlr https://bdsmlr.com
bilibili https://bilibili.com
ComicWalker https://comic-walker.com
Coub https://coub.com
Danbooru https://danbooru.donmai.us
Daum Webtoon http://webtoon.daum.net
DeviantArt https://deviantart.com
Epio https://epio.app
E(x)Hentai Galleries https://e-hentai.org
Facebook https://facebook.com
FC2 Video https://video.fc2.com
Flickr https://flickr.com
Gelbooru https://gelbooru.com
Hameln https://syosetu.org
hanime.tv https://hanime.tv
Hentai Foundry https://hentai-foundry.com
Hitomi.la https://hitomi.la
Hiyobi.me https://hiyobi.me
Imgur https://imgur.com
Instagram https://instagram.com
Iwara https://iwara.tv
Jmana https://jmana.net
カクヨム https://kakuyomu.jp
LHScan https://loveheaven.net
Likee https://likee.video
Luscious https://luscious.net
MyReadingManga https://myreadingmanga.info
Naver Blog https://blog.naver.com
Naver Post https://post.naver.com
Naver Webtoon https://comic.naver.com
Naver TV https://tv.naver.com
nhentai https://nhentai.net
nhentai.com https://nhentai.com
Niconico http://nicovideo.jp
ニジエ https://nijie.info
Pawoo https://pawoo.net
Pinterest https://pinterest.com
Pixiv https://pixiv.net
pixivコミック https://comic.pixiv.net
Pornhub https://pornhub.com
Rule34.xxx https://rule34.xxx
Sankaku Complex https://www.sankakucomplex.com
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com
小説家になろう https://syosetu.com
TOKYO Motion https://tokyomotion.net
Tumblr https://tumblr.com
Twitch https://twitch.tv
Twitter https://twitter.com
Vimeo https://vimeo.com
V LIVE https://vlive.tv
Weibo https://weibo.com
WikiArt https://www.wikiart.org
xHamster https://xhamster.com
XNXX https://xnxx.com
XVideos https://xvideos.com
Yande.re https://yande.re
Youku https://youku.com
YouTube https://youtube.com
and more... Supported sites by youtube-dl
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:cake: Desktop utility to download images/videos/music/text from various websites, and more.


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