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Create promo codes for iOS Apps using the command line

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codes (Deprecated)

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Create promo codes for iOS Apps using the command line


Automatically lose money by giving away your app for free...

This tool is no longer maintained and does not work.

This tool was sponsored by Max Bäumle and Textastic Code Editor

Get in contact with the developers of codes on Twitter: @KrauseFx, @acrooow

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codes is part of fastlane: connect all deployment tools into one streamlined workflow.


sudo gem install codes

Make sure, you have the latest version of the Xcode command line tools installed:

xcode-select --install


codes can help you automate sending promo codes to journalists and create promo codes for tons of apps with the press of a button.


codes [num] [-a app_identifier] [-u user_name] [-i app_id] [-o output_file] [-c country] [-X] [-f format]

All parameters are optional.

codes will print out the promo codes and store them in a file called codes_[your app identifier].txt in the current directory by default.


codes 3 -a com.example.myApp

Will generate 3 promo codes for the App with the Bundle Identifier com.example.myApp.

If you don't pass any paramaters, codes will generate a single promo code and print it on the command line.

Display extra information

Use the --format FORMAT argument to control the displayed information. The --verbose argument displays all information and maps to

--format '%c,%d,%p,%i,%b,%n,%u'


codes --verbose

will display

NRTFXP3XXXXX,20150520110716,ios,522069155,com.wewanttoknow.DragonBoxPlus,'DragonBox Algebra 5+',

For example, if you want a custom URL, you could use something like

codes --format '%c:'

Generate URLs

codes 5 --urls

If specified, includes a full URL for each code that can be used to redeem that code.


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Environment Variables

In case you prefer environment variables:

  • CODES_USERNAME (Your iTunes Connect username)
  • CODES_APP_IDENTIFIER (Your App's Bundle ID)
  • CODES_APP_ID(Your App's internal iTunes Connect App ID)


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As part of the process of downloading promo codes from iTunes Connect, the user would normally have to accept a contract every single time. Since there is no way to check with iTunes if this contract was accepted manually before, codes agrees to this contract automatically. Before using codes for the first time, we advise you to go to iTunes Connect and go through the process of creating promo codes manually at least once and to read the contract when it comes up.

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Create promo codes for iOS Apps using the command line

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