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a simple wordpress crawler ruby gem

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This gem returns a CSV of all pages or posts from a wordpress website with an exposed api.

The attributes returned are publishing date, title, url, author number, and publishing status. For example:

Date Title Author Link Status
2020-01-03T14:12:16 Winter Party 2020 Ticket Widget 105117099 https://techcrunch.com/pages/winter-party-2020-ticket-widget/ publish
2020-01-02T10:44:55 Mobility Ticket Widget 105117099 https://techcrunch.com/pages/mobility-ticket-widget/ publish
2019-11-29T11:22:35 TechCrunch Gift Guide 2019 5188242 https://techcrunch.com/pages/gift-guide-2019/ publish
2019-11-21T09:19:34 Extra Crunch Community Perks 68265137 https://techcrunch.com/pages/extra-crunch-community-perks/ publish

This CSV is separated with pipes (|) to ensure commas don't break page titles, so keep this in mind when importing into spreadsheets.


The two method arguments are the website, and whether you want pages or posts.

gem install wpcrawler

in IRB:

require 'wpcrawler'

site = Crawler.new("www.techcrunch.com", "pages")



If you want to make a simple CLI create a script with the following:

site = Crawler.new(ARGV[0], ARGV[1])

if ARGV[1] == "pages" or ARGV[1] == "posts"
  puts "ERROR: type needs to be pages or posts"

and then use

ruby wpcrawler.rb www.website.com pages


a simple wordpress crawler ruby gem

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