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A plugin for adding Google Tag Manager to cordova-ios projects (including adding the configuration file)

How to install the plugin

  • run cordova plugin add https://github.com/kirikkale/cordova-googletagmanaer-ios.git --variable CONFIG_FILE_NAME="<name of your GTM json config file>"

Change the name of your config file later

  • open config.xml and look for the following part:
<plugin name="cordova-plugin-googletagmanager-ios" spec="https://github.com/kirikkale/cordova-googletagmanaer-ios.git">
  <variable name="CONFIG_FILE_NAME" value="<GTM-xxxxxxx.json>" />
  • change the value of the CONFIG_FILE_NAME variable to the name of your config


The plugin will copy and reference the config file everytime one of the following CLI commands is used:

  • cordova prepare
  • cordova platform add
  • cordova build
  • cordova run



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