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This app demonstrates the controls available in WinUI and the Fluent Design System.

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Demonstrates the usage of all XAML/WinUI controls in an interactive format.

XAML Controls Gallery

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Shows all of the XAML controls in an interactive format. This app is the interactive companion to the Fluent Design Guidelines and shows the usage of both UWP Xaml APIs and Windows UI Library APIs.

The XAML Controls Gallery shows how to:

  • Specify XAML controls in markup: Each control page shows the markup used to create each example.

  • Use the Microsoft.UI.Xaml (WinUI) Library: The app includes the latest WinUI NuGet package and shows how to use the Windows UI Library controls like NavigationView, SwipeControl, and more.

  • Basic layout: This sample will show all of the possible layout options for your app and allow you to interact with the panels to show how to achieve any layout you are looking for.

  • Adaptive UI: In addition to showing how each control responds to different form factors, the app itself is responsive and shows various methods for achieving adaptive UI.

  • Version adaptive code: This sample shows how to write version adaptive code so that the app can run on previous versions of Windows while also using the latest capabilities on the most recent version of Windows.

Further information

Note: The Xaml Controls Gallery requires Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 to build and Windows 10 to execute.

To obtain information about Windows 10 & 11 development, go to the Windows Dev Center

To obtain information about Microsoft Visual Studio and the tools for developing Windows apps, go to Visual Studio

🐞 Found a bug? Want a new sample?

If you find a bug within the Xaml Controls Gallery or want to request a new sample, please file an issue.

If you find a bug within your app (not in the Xaml Controls Gallery) and need help, please file an issue on the WinUI repo.

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Install a prebuilt version of this app from Microsoft Store. Each control page in the application has links to relevant Microsoft Docs for that control.

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This app demonstrates the controls available in WinUI and the Fluent Design System.

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