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Project GoatFish, also known as SUSHEE, is an Android application designed to provide law enforcement officials with centralized access to data about fishing vessels. SUSHEE is short for "Scraping Unsearchable Sources to Halt Environmental Exploitation", which was inspired by the chaotic state of fishing vessel data across dozens of databases.

SUSHEE was made for fast, easy access to information about fishing vessels. Unnecessary features aren't an issue here. As soon as you get into the app, you are taken to the main search screen to begin looking for your vessel.

The app conatins a local database of many common ships, and as such, Internet isn't required to use it!

Go ahead, try it out! The app is registered under the GNU GPL v3 License. It's open source, and free for anyone to use.

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License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Java 100.0%